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Our partners > Video Games > Boing Attitude :)
Boing Attitude :) Boing Attitude :)
Word Me Up XXL combines an arcade game with strategic thinking and memory skills. Immerse yourself in the heart of this magical world where the evil sorcerer, Badjoke, has stolen all the Texts of Knowledge and Wisdom, books that guarantee peace and stability on Earth. The Reign of Darkness has begun...The CouncilOne of numerous Badjoke henchmen of Wise, at the High University, has appointed one student to save humanity. That student is YOU! It's time to play...

Traverse the worlds of Sport, Country and Game where every level is a race against the clock to uncover the secret words which will eventually lead to the stolen texts.One of the WANTED letters.... Find your way through endless mazes, full of booby traps and infested with Badjoke henchmen. Take secret tunnels and hidden paths, but make sure you avoid drowning and use your jokers wisely... And above all, watch out for the elephants!

Suitable for all the family, Word Me Up XXL is a non violent game. It's easy for all ages to play thanks to a steady progression through up to 64 levels. What's more, there are cartoon graphics, funny sound effects and a great selection of background music. The "Collide & Go" system makes it easy to manoeuvre and allows you to edge your way round the narrow paths. Being a truly international game, theres an integrated help in French, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Latin American Spanish, Polish, Hungarian and Portuguese. You'll find yourself playing for hours and hours and improving your fastest time on every single level. Once you start playing, who knows when you'll stop...Amiga=Power! Superstar!!!
Word Me Up XXL, Have fun!

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Boing Attitude :)
9, rue Chaptal
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